Signal Boost Tuesday

Signal boost for an author who was kind enough to boost me.


Katherine Lampe is an author and musician based in Paonia, Colorado, home of fruit and coal. She learned to read from mythology texts, and has wanted to write fantasy since reading The Hobbit in second grade. With an English teacher for a mother and a Historian and Minister for a father, she has always been fascinated with comparative religions and non-standard systems of thought; her father once threw her out of Sunday School class for challenging the accepted interpretation of the Expulsion from Eden. For fifteen years, she was the host and producer of the Celtic music radio show, "Whiskey in the Jar," on KVNF-FM in Paonia. A professional Tarot reader and Iconoclast, she specializes in urban fantasy with a blatant Contemporary Pagan slant.

You can see all her works here.