The Covenant of Arko

Arko’s Ten Commandments, as dictated to Arco’s “visible” brother, Juss, who shared them with me as we drove home today.
1) Don’t drive with the car door unlocked
2) Don’t step in the road
3) Don’t covet
4) Don’t steal from people
5) Don’t stomp in church
6) Don’t let the dog in 
7) Don’t punch your teacher, mother, father, grandma or grandpa
8) Don’t let the dog bite
9) Don’t bother us when we are at dinner, and don’t get up when we are at dinner without being excused.
10) Don’t bother Mommy and Daddy while they are on the phone.

All this occurred on the way home in our new rental SUV. When we first climbed into the rental, Juss looked carefully around the brand spanking clean vehicle, apparently mentally comparing it with the mess-filled mobile that is our car.
Finally, he said quite plaintively:

“There are no toys! We have to get some toys so it can be a real car!”

This made the rental attendant laugh quite hardily.