Fascinating Discovery!

I came at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0449088/faq

“The first assembly cut of At World’s End was three hours. Twenty minutes were removed, not including end credits, though producer Jerry Bruckheimer maintained that the long running time was needed to make the final battle work in terms of build-up. One scene cut explained that if Calypso had greetedDavy Jones after his ten years of ferrying dead souls, then he would have been freed of his duty: in turn, Will is freed of his captaincy as Elizabeth remains faithful to him ten years later. However, as the film stands, an alternative view is that Will and Elizabeth just have a handful of days together (an improvement over Will’s certain death).”

Apparently in the first version of the movie, the scene at the end of the credits — far from being inconsequential — had immense importance!!!