Our Intrepid Team of Editors Produces Another Book

Hey, folks, it’s happened again. Our team of editors, consisting of the wonderful Danielle Ackley McPhail, the handsome Jeff Lyman and Lee Hillman (whom I know only as Gwen, which has nothing to do with either Lee or Hillman, but she’s cool!), have produce another anthology of stories of Faeries With Attitude!

There are some fun stories in this one. Hard Rock Faeries, Biker Faeries, Jail Breaking Faeries, Repostiltskin.

My story,  Of Plunder and Souls: the Rescue of Mr. Spaghetti, has pirate faeries.

Click on the picture to see the book on Amazon (though I couldn’t access Amazon when I posted this, so I have no idea if the link works. I’ll come check it again and fix it soon.)


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