How come I didn’t get invited to the party?

My whole life, people have been afraid of overpopulation. So much so that as recently as five years ago, I was asked to justify why I was willing to do something as terrible to the planet as have a third kid. (More than replacement rate.  The assumption was that moral people had two children, or one, or none at all.)

So, it was a great shock to me to learn that suddenly a switch has been thrown, and the population is too small. Europe and Japan are said to be “dying from within” because of not enough population — babies are not being born quickly enough to replace the current population and support the older folks. America has only escaped this dire fate do to immigration. (Europe had immigration, too, but they are not integrating, so, apparently, it doesn’t “count.”)

So, my question is: If the population used to be too high and now it is too low…what was the date when it was just perfect? Was it in the 90s? The 70s? May 16th, 2003?

Why wasn’ t I informed? Was there a party I missed — A “Hey, the earth is perfect today!” party?

If not, can we hold one now, in retrospect?


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  1. Just finished watching Yours, Mine, and Ours…classic comedy starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. I think given our discussion, it should be shown in conjunction with the party. A widow and a widower combine families to have 18 kids total. Then they top it off with a 19th.

  2. Many ways to the same goal. ;-) But it’s good to know that problems thought incurable can be healed by prayer, as there are always incurable problems, even as others become not a burden any more. ;-)

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