Juss, the Dance, and the Platypus

I was going to do this whole long post about a problem that had come up with our adoption…but news came today that the powers that be had overturned the problem and provided a solution. I am very grateful!

Instead, more Juss!

We were playing a family roleplaying game. Orville was Racer O, I was Trixie daughter of Trixie. Juss was Swifty, twin brother of Speed son of Speed. John was moderating. The set-up was that the Ghost Racer, who had been trying to push Weepy Arrogant and her ultra rich father, Mr. Arrogant of Arrogant motors, off the road had just phoned and Inspector Detector had traced the call to a local 7/11.

Running from the Winner’s Circle Club, we all leapt into our race cars, arguing about who went first and who got their fastest, etc. When we reached the 7/11, John announces that Racer O, Swifty, and Tofu Racer (an NPC sometimes played by Bill Burns) all reached the door simultaneously. Racer O and the NPC run for the pay phone to see if the guy is still there.

Upon reaching the door, however, Juss announces: "My character does a little dance." And he proceeds to show us the dance, stamping his feet and turning in a circle.

No urgency to get the bad guy. No explanation of: why a dance?  John and I just lost it. We stood there laughing, unable to go on.

Then, the next day — after the boys discovered that playing a card game by just declaring what cards each person has quickly gets very boring — we are playing a different Speed Racer oriented game. In it, Juss declared that he had a plasma laser cannon. But I misheard him. I thought he said he had a platypus shooter.

We talk for a while about the platypus shooter. The sharpened bills of the duck billed platypus that flew through the air to puncture enemy car tires, and the fact that platypus lay eggs.


Me:  “Does it shoot platypus eggs?”

Juss:  “No, it shoots the mommy platypus.”

Me, hoping to amuse him, in that tone of wonder that I use only for talking to the enthusiastic, Yotsuba-like* Juss: “What happens if the mommy platypus lays an egg while it’s being flung through the air?”


I figured he would say something about the egg going splat, but Juss envisions a completely different future.


Juss: “That would be terrible! I’d have to go back and get it and I’d lose my first place position!”


This amused me so much, I could hardly drive the car. I kept chuckling for ten or fifteen minutes.


*Yotsuba — if you haven’t read it, you should.


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