New Toys

A friend gave me a camera and a Smugmug account. (Actually, two friends gave the camera and one of them gave the Smugmug.)

Here’s a link, in case you wonder what John and the boys look like, here’s your chance. (There’s one picture of me in there taken by the Cherubim.)  The best way to view the pictures is to click on the galleries until you get the Slideshow option in the right upper corner, then pick fast. The picture quality is best that way.)

The smiling one who looks right at the camera is the Cherubim
The taller one in the rust coat with the blue Riolu (a Pokemon doll) is Orville
The little martial artist is Juss
The bearded guy with the leather jacket is John


4 thoughts on “New Toys

  1. Yep. We call that the “Walking Park”…cause there are walking trails. The kids think it’s the roleplaying park, though — my mom told us stories to get us to walk without complaining, so we often run a game of somekind for them. Nice place.

  2. It’s always interesting to attach faces to personalities. And voices, too; I remember John linking an interview he did on a library podcast and being one of quite a few people that found we subconsciously expected him to talk with an English accent.

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