35 thoughts on “God Is Gracious!

  1. Four years?

    Amazing, that it can take that long for a loving family to become a home for a child in need of such. Congrats on you success. I hope it proves wonderful for all concerned.

    • Re: Four years?

      Yeah…it was a six month wait when we started. So many people applied that they were not able to service the applications as quickly. It may be that adoptions have gone up, but the wait has gone up, too.

      (8 months of that 4 years was us doing our paperwork. The official wait is 3 years and 4 months.)

  2. Congratulations to the two of you :)

    It is very good news indeed, for I am glad that you and your husband will have another child to be parents to.

    • Re: God bless!

      And pass the above message on to John, who is accepting only “friended” messages until this Earl Grey’s Tempest settles.

      Again, benisons and huzzahs!


        • Re: Friend

          Only if you wish and he so desires, please.

          Now I need to hie off and ponder the excruciating decision whether to order Prospero Lost now from Amazon or to wait and subsidize Larry Smith’s mortgage as has been my custom.

          Decisions, decisions….


          • Re: Friend


            I’ll mention it to him.

            I’d go with Larry, unless you’re in a big hurry. He’s cool and I’d be flattered to have someone buy a book of mine from him.

        • Re: God bless!

          And please remind John that his good fortune does not negate the harm he has done in airing so publicly his hatred and contempt for a large group of individuals.

          His post saying that he forgives everyone that is angry with him (and with you as well) because he’s going to be a father?

          Was enough to make me cry with helpless rage. I do not accept his shitrag forgiveness, it’s just one more reprehensible insult.

          I do congratulate the both of you on your very good fortune, at the same time.

          • Re: God bless!

            Thanks for your good wishes.

            John’s learning a lot this week. FPB’s comments really woke him to realizing that he had been unnecessarily cruel. We’ll see what comes of it.

          • Re: God bless!

            It isn’t the cruelty with which he framed his beliefs, it’s that his beliefs deny me my humanity. I would be angered by that no matter how gently he tried to put it.

            And he has claimed that the people who have objected to his views are thin-skinned whiners.

            It’s said that the sufferers of narcissistic personality disorder are not the people who have it– it’s the people around them.

          • Re: God bless!

            Be gay while reading his posts. It’s impossible to miss under those conditions.

            Anyway, enough of that– you don’t need his fallout in your blog! When do you get your baby?

          • Re: God bless!

            Yeah, there are many areas where John and I don’t necessarily agree.

            But I think this whole thing is having a good effect. I think he will at least be more polite when expressing his positions.

            She’s not a baby. She’s 13. We’ve got to get her before Nov. 11th or she will be too old, according to China, to adopt. So, we’ll get her before then, God wiling. People on both sides, here and in China, seem to be rushing to help us. Our LOA came in a week instead of 2 months…so I’m very hopeful.

            We had expected a little girl…but the chance to be a family for someone who otherwise will never had one seemed like one we should take.

            Still, I must admit, suddenly becoming the parents of a teenager is daunting!

          • Re: God bless!

            Yeah, I did. To say that I am unimpressed is about the kindest thing I can say.

            I doubt that Arhyalon wants to host the discussion. So I won’t go any further.

  3. Congratulations! :)

    If either of you have the time (or inclination), I’d like to hear about the process of this adoption; why did it take so long, did you travel to China, what was required of you to be accepted, that sort of thing.

    And, I should add, only if it wouldn’t be considered prying.

    • Parents are advised to not say ver much during the adoption process, but the short answer.

      When we applied, the wait was 6 months. So many people applied internationally, that the wait has grown to 3 1/2 years and it’s still growing. So, we have been waiting patiently.

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