Favor Needed.

Hey Guys,

A number of people have complained that they cannot get the second book in the Null-A series, Players of Null-A by A. E. Van Vogt, in order to read John’s Null-A Continuum.


It occurred to me one fix would be to get the Science Fiction Book Club to bring out a Null-A Omnibus—-a volume with all three volues, the two A. E. Van Vogt volumes and John’s–the way they brought out Slan and the more recent Slan Hunter.

If you happen to be a member of the Science Fiction Book Club, could you write them a note and ask for a Null-A Omnibus?  The email address is: customer.service@sfbc.com 

Or, if you can log in to the website, you can write them here.




2 thoughts on “Favor Needed.

  1. I too bought used.

    It still amazes me that Tor contracted for new Vogtian novels without planning to rerelease his original novels. This is a perfect opportunity for exposure.

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