Snow! Glorious Snow!

I woke up this morning to find literally about a foot of snow on the porch…and it’s still snowing.

This is the first big storm since at least two years before my kids were born. It may be the first big storm since the blizard of 1995, when Erin was snowed in at our place.

I kept track because 1997 is the year Bill moved out here from California, and I kept tellling him we were going to have some really cold weather and a real snow storm, but it never happened. This is our first real snowstorm since he came. (Unfortunately, he’s about to get off from work right now. I hope he and his co-workers makes it home safely. Luckily, thanks to the Johnsons, he now has a huge van–which really beats me picking up from work! And he only got the van Tuesday. God is very gracious!)

Argh! I don’t have snow boots! Or rather, Ping-Ping doesn’t, but I’ve been lending her mine. Worse, I bought lower-rimmed boots for Orville as I couldn’t find the high kind and thought, "Ah, we haven’t had a big snow in years." Ah, well. We should still be able to go sledding.

Main plan for today, other than enjoy the snow: watch Christmas movies and specials with our daughter. ;-)


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    • From the Washington Post website:

      Experts said the storm could produce the most significant snowfall to hit the area since Feb. 15-18 of 2003, when more than 16 inches fell across the region. It also could be the biggest December storm in Washington since at least 1932, when 12 inches fell Dec. 17, the Weather Service said.

      • They didn’t make that measurement in my subdivision. The snow was as high as the hoods of the cars by the time it stopped–that’s at least 6 inches more than 16 inches.

        *wonders where the photo album from winter 2003 is*

        • Not the right way to measure the snowfall, the hoods of cars. Just like with rainfall, there are ways to do it. You have to avoid including drifts (hilly areas, for example) if you are going to have an accurate reading. Instruments and gauges are made specifically for the task.

  1. Ah, God was gracious to the Johnson’s (via other friends)so we are very happy to pass on the Astro to Bill. This would have been a bad day to pick him up from work, so I am glad you don’t have to. That would have been twice the driving.
    Prayers for him.

    Ben doesn’t have boots, either, but the shoes I got him are pretty weather-proof. I was able to get him a good winter jacket via eBay (retailed for 150. Got it for 12 including shipping)and he is using Steve’s gloves. They are going sledding later. Or possibly snowboarding if he can’t find the other sled.
    Hope the roads are scrubbed enough so that we can visit you all tomorrow night and take in the light show.

    • That’s exactly what happen. I told Ping-Ping I’d buy her Chinese food if she helped shovel. That motivated her. So she and I and her brothers went out. There was a good six to eight feet of snow between the cars and the plowed lane of the road. We had three shovels and borrowed one. The boys switched off helping…none of them very effective. The Cherubim was the funniest. He kept clearing the road.

      Then two friends (Uncle Bill and Mark (Partywhipple on LJ) showed up and shoveled for us!

      So, I bought a whole lot of Chinese food!

    • Well, I’m a little jealous of the fun you can have with that kind of snow, but I spent enough time driving while we lived in Missouri to know how stressful a big storm like this is. So I hope you are all safe and don’t have to drive too much.

  2. The snowstorm’s due to come here tonight into tomorrow. They’re predicting 6-12 inches for Boston, less north and west. We live SW from Boston, and I think we’re supposed to get 6-12 as well, maybe more.

      • Yes, we’re all A-OK here. We did not lose any power, and, the snow was very easy to clean off my mom’s car. In fact, when I had gone out on Sunday afternoon to clean the car, my neighbor saw me and came out to assist.^_^ The snow had ended on Sunday afternoon about 3:00 or so.

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