Two Week Hiatus

Due to children being home from school early, there will be no Wright’s Writing Corner this week. Next, they are off, too. So, we’ll be back in early Jan!

(If anyone out there would like to submit a guest blog during this time, let me know!)


6 thoughts on “Two Week Hiatus

  1. Two weeks is an “extended break?”

    Our public schools here in AK let all the kids out last Friday and gave the teachers an in-service to submit semester grades; my private school had a half-day last Friday so that we could all celebrate together then go carolling out in the community as a kind gesture to others. Your last post stated that your VA students weren’t supposed to get out of school until Christmas Eve. How long was there break supposed to be?

      • Re: Two weeks is an “extended break?”

        We never got a full two weeks when I was a child, and my mother never got one in the decades after when she was teaching school — normally it was just the week between Christmas and New Year’s, with maybe Christmas Eve off if it was Monday or day after New Year’s if it was Friday.

      • Re: Two weeks is an “extended break?”

        I remember one year we got 2 weeks off from school for Christmas and New Year’s. I remember I spent 1 week w/my oldest sister and brother-in-law, and the following week I spent w/my middle sister and brother-in-law.:D

    • Re: Two weeks is an “extended break?”

      Not all Va. counties are the same. My city and the southern county adjacent get the full two weeks. The county north got the abbreviated break, as did Jagi’s.

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