Snow, Glorious Snow

After almost a week of being snowed in, we were running out of groceries. So, I dug out one of the surviving toboggans (sledding on a very steep, icy hill earlier in the season had ripped up most of them, including my 30 year old one from when I was a kid.) It had lost its string on the icy hill, so I found a rope and tied it around the front of it…not ideal for sliding, as the rope was now under the toboggan.

I took the two oldest kids with me, to have more hands to carry stuff back. I dragged the toboggan there, and we all shopped together. Then, we tried to start back.

We had gotten too much stuff. The toboggan was really heavy and hardly slid. I started out pulling it, grunting against the rope, but Ping-Ping took it away from me and took off. Boy, she was amazing. I alternated between helping her on the rope or carrying extra bags to make the toboggan lighter. Orville carried two bags.

This worked all the way across from the store and down the hill. It did not work on the upslope. We lightened the toboggan, left Orville with the extra bags, and ran relays.


Eventually, everything made it home. Here’s a picture:

Ping-Ping dragging the toboggan.