All Amazingly Wonderful Things Eventually Come To An End…

For years, we have gone to movies rarely, despite that we love them, because they are so very, very expensive. But, last year, about this time, something amazing happened. John pulled out his wallet to buy the tickets and the man behind the counter said, "Oh, you have a military CAC card! That will be $5.00 each."

So, for $25, less than lunch, we went to the movies! Now, it always worked out to more once we bought the exorbitantly expensive candy and drinks…but still!!!

It went up to $30 when our family increased, but still…what a joy that this activity we all liked, that we could do in all weathers, was one of the few things we could actually afford.

Until this time…

We decided to go see our daughter’s favorite actor, Chung Long (Jackie Chan) in the new version of Karate Kid. We were short on funds, so I told the children ahead of time, no candy. It was the first time we planned to go and not buy treats. I hoped The Cherubim would not make a fuss. We got there to find out that A) the $5 ticket had become a $7 ticket…so it now cost $42 for us, and B) the man behind the counter looked John up and down and asked, disbelievingly, "Active military?" 

He insisted the discount was only for active military–a big surprise to us, considering that this was the same theatre where they had told us about the discount to begin with. Because we made a fuss, he gave it to us this time…he did stop and say, "Only one family," though, he didn’t go so far, thank god, as insinuating that any particular member might not be of our family.

So…the age of the Wright’s Movies out has come to an end. It is again an expensive activity we have to plan for way in advance.  A shame.

Still…fun movie. Nicely crafted. Cleverer than the original in some ways, not quite as spontaneous in others. Overall, enjoyable.