Dexter Wright?

My youngest son, Juss, is more outgoing than the other children (in America. Ping-Ping was more outgoing still in China and at camp.) He has been joining groups of neighborhood kids in an effort to become friends with them, but alas all the children are either too old or too young. Still, he’s been trying hard, and he’s become friends with one nice little guy who he plays with about once a week.

Only…the first time he played with this group of kids, they played a detective game. Everyone had a character. Juss’s character’s name was Dexter.

Now, several months later, the whole group still calls him Dexter. Having children call your son by the wrong name is only a little odd, but the mother of the boy he plays with calls me occasionally, and she calls him Dexter, too. "Would Dexter like to go to the pool with us?"

This happened during the same period when we went to Special Ed Baseball with the Cherubim, and Juss introduced himself as Slate. So, the adults at baseball were calling him Slate and the mom down the street calls him Dexter.