Looking for a Poet

I realize it is unlikely that even the Internet can solve this one, but…

I am looking for the author of a poem I read in the 90s. I am nearly certain that it was in an issue of Absolute Magnitude. John remembers that, too, but we asked the editor once and he did not remember it, so I suppose it is possible that we are wrong and it was in Abberations or Locus. I’m pretty sure those are the only magazines of that size I read back then.

The poem, which I would dealy like to quote in my last Prospero Novel, was called something like: A Jewish Father To His Unborn Son. It described how the angels lay their fingers on the lips of unborn children to remind them not to spill the secrets of Heaven and ended with the fantastic line:

"Bite the angel’s finger. Tell me all!"

Does anyone remember it? Or have any idea how I could find it?