Ah, Bureaucrats

While skating today, I noticed that they had opened a new parking lot that will soon replace the lot where we now park to get access to the W&O (an old railroad that has been paved and turned into a bike trail.) It looked good. There are a number of logistic problems with the old lot that this one lacked, plus it will make it easier to drop by the sandwich shop where I occasionally go for lunch.

As I poked around, I noticed three handicapped spots. This struck me as funny. The parking lot serves nothing except the W&O. Now, thanks to the wonders of modern community planning, handicapped folks will have to travel 50 feet less before they can reach the trail where they will walk, run, bike, or skate.

(Actually, it could be an issue. If a person has a device that allowed them to exercise despite a handicap but was, say, low to the ground, it could be important that they did not have to cross the parking lot. But it still amuses me.)

Then, a hundred feet or so beyond that was a sign that read: Caution Abutting Trails.

Who wrote this?

I speak English pretty well and it took me a while to even figure out what it was supposed to mean. Quite a few of the other people I meet on the trail don’t speak English so well. Surely, there must be a less obtuse way to say this.