Wright’s Writing Corner: Website Joy

Website Joy

I remember the first time I saw a URL (is it an URL or a URL) on a motion picture poster. I laughed out loud. “What a good idea!” I thought, “Instead of cramming a million bits of info onto a poster, they can just put a website and put their info there.”

How right I was. Soon everyone had websites. Stores have websites. Plumbers have websites. Signs on the side of the road just display a URL, (though how anyone is supposed to copy them down…or to copy down a phone number…while they are driving by is a mystery to me.) Even books began to have websites.

Fast forward somewhere around a decade, and websites are no longer clever marketing tools. They are now part of life—an important part of life, if you believe my editor, who wrote me a few months ago to inform me that a presence on the web now really mattered in the bookselling business and that I should produce one lickity-split. (What exactly is a lickity-split, and does it involve lickity spit? Is it a gymnastic move? Or closer to a banana split? Inquiring minds want to know…but are too laze to Google it.)

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