BA Faery Blog!

The Bad Ass Faery Blog is up and running.  My fellow editors have all posted posts. (Mine will appear later this week.)

Jeff Lyman has this to say:

Howdy, Jeff Lyman here.  Engineer by day, writer during lunchtime.  I’ve been writing ever since I can remember (how many times have you heard that?).  Mostly fantasy, some science fiction when the mood strikes me.

 Hmmm.  It’s hard to say where my ideas come from.  Ideas are constantly swirling around my head like leaves caught in an October wind.  It’s hard to settle on anything, until someone says something that strikes me and everything locks into focus.

Read his entry here

Lee Hillman writes below him.

Writing and editing Bad-Ass Faeries has been an experiment in colliding worlds for me. I first met Danielle in 2003, at an Astronomicon in Rochester, NY, my hometown, while I was busy promoting a convention set for Florida. At the time, most of my work was in the form of fanfiction, and then as now, more people called me “Gwen” due to my online and hobbyist activities. Dani and I talked about fanfiction and YA fantasy fiction, hit it off, she wound up crashing at my house, and I wound up reading her novel. Then I wound up editing the second novel in her series. I started helping to copy-edit and work on other projects, still waiting for a non-fanfic idea to strike me. Finally, when BAF came along, I wrote, as well as edited.

Or you can read her entry alone here.

I posted a link for Danielle’s post before. It begins:

I’d like to tell you about my biker faeries.

I know what you’re thinking…”Biker Faeries?! You’re kidding, right?”

Well…no…not particularly.

When we began the first collection of Bad-Ass Faeries we had a clear idea of what we wanted: every single Bad-Ass type of person you could think of…mob faeries, cowboy faeries…assassin faeries. We got them all. The one thing I wanted in my heart of hearts, though, was biker faeries! See, my uncle is a biker. He’s a sweet guy, but man, can you say tough? But that wasn’t the only reason. Let me tell you why…

The rest can be read here: