Anti-Catholic?…Oh, that.

I normally don’t read reviews of my books, but last night I glanced at a few. I was delighted with how well Prospero In Hell is being received. By accident, however, I found myself on the site for Prospero Lost and noticed that there was a 1 star review. I clicked on it expecting something like “this book bored me. Not my style.”
The reviewer could not finish the book due to the anti-Catholic bias.
I blinked. I couldn’t, off-hand, think of any anti-Catholic bias. True, Miranda doesn’t like the Church all that much…but then she was a witch, and I thought Gregor came over pretty well in the scene where he talks to her while she is being held in prison. (A flashback). But Theo is pro-Catholic. So much, he wants to stop being Protestant and go back to being Catholic.
Then this morning, I woke up and thought: Oh, wait…
In the backstory, the Prospero Family does attack the Vatican, steal all the Church’s magic, and kill guards. Gee…surely someone hadn’t mistaken that for anti-Catholic sentiment?
Oh, the poor guy.
I felt bad. I realize he’ll never read this, but: really, Sir, the book overall is not anti-Catholic. I apologize if soem scenes came over that way.