No Column Today–due to edits

Editing Prospero Regained today…I may post a Writing Corner article tomorrow or Friday, if I finish early.

It is great fun to visit with the Family Prospero this last time. The thing that makes me happiest is that in this version Theo, who has always been my personal favorite but who never came over very well in the book, finally is done right.

The other thing I think is interesting is that my editor repeatedly told me that the scenes where the family talks about things that are not directly related to the quest really drag and slow the story down…I can only think that he and I read very different books, because those are the scenes where I find myself laughing or cheering or reading with fascination. (I don’t always recall what I wrote…after all, I’m must a scribe for the Divine Muse.)

Hopefully, some readers tastes will line up with mine and those passages will be worth having kept in.