A Strange Day…

So, I’m sitting here at the computer all day, working on Prospero Regained.

I cannot move around because I hurt my foot. The kids are home due to snow, so I’ve been making them help each other.

In the kitchen, my cat is dying…or maybe she is gone already. I sat with her for a while this morning, but I haven’t been able to get back in there. Juss thinks she is gone. Orville said he didn’t want her to die in the house, but I pointed out that we could hardly put our dear sick cat, who is but a shadow of her former self, out in the cold. Ping-Ping keeps laughing. She always laughs at subjects that have to do with “finishing” or “go to die.”

The electricity keeps going out. John left work at 4. It is now nearly 8 and he is still stuck in traffic. I ordered food…pizza and Chinese. The amazing Chinese guys got through…so Ping-Ping and I ate, but it’s been two and a half hours and there is no sign of the pizza. So the boys are starving. They’re settling for snow bowls (snow with maple syrup, an old favorite, but hardly a meal.)

A very, very strange day.