Needs Improvement…Sometimes

We got interm reports from the school yesterday…apparently four report cards a year are not good enough, the poor teachers also have to send interm reports half way through the semester. (The Princess’s teachers have to email them, too.)

The elementary schools don’t use A, B, C, D, and F. They use N, S, G, and O. (Needs improvement, Satisfactory, Good, and Outstanding.) Usually, my kids bring home a mix of these letters, but I was sadly amused to glance at the report of our youngest, Tornado the Wonder Child, and see a solid line of Needs Improvement with not a single additional letter among the lot.

Poor squirt.

He did amuse me yesterday though, when he laid out his life plans for me (involving living in an RV so he could travel, making video games and selling them, and homeschooling his kids.) It sounded so much like something I would have made up to do when I was a kid, I could not help approving.

No improvement needed there.