More on blurbs

Still working on trying to sum up the book. Again, here, I am trying to actually describe what happens in the book…not to sell the book.

The story is a magical intrigue, where the mystery is: what is the state of the universe and how did it get to be that way. A young woman, acting much like a detective, investigates the universe, questioning people others might not dare speak with, following up on clues, trying to discover the nature of the universe and which of the several claims as its nature is true. Along the way, she objects to the negative things she discovered and vows to improve them–all while trying to negotiate the very rocky road to True Love.

While not nearly as blurby, I like this description for several reasons:

1)  It describes the whole series, not just one book.

2) it does not emphasize saving the world over the other things she tries to improve: freeing the slaves that make up material objects, stopping death, sharing magic with ordinary people, sharing justice, improving literacy, etc., etc., etc.