No More Screwball Commedies In This House!

So, this week…finishing my novel (or posting too much. One or the other.)

Next week, or whenever I finish, I’d like to try to take my house back. I have this inane idea that I’d like to use my dining room table for…dining.

Now, I know that sounds outrageous. Who would not want to sit to eat next to a pile of random papers and children’s games. It’s like having extra diners at the table only more…boxy.

But really, having to eat dinner next to a pile of stuff is like something out of You Can’t Take It With You, or some other 1930s screwball comedy.

My goal, I told my mom, is to make my house a place that would no longer temp screwball comedy writers.

Probably will never happen, but, hey, it’s good to have goals.