Thanksful for Thanksgiving!

This morning we had sixteen people in the house for our Thanksgiving Breakfast.  Then, for our turkey dinner, we had the normal 9 who currently live here. Both meals, except for the lovely dishes brought by family and friends, were provided either by an unknown church who gave us a turkey and all sorts of fixings in a huge bin or by friends from our church who gave us a Thankgiving gift of $200.

I am so very, very grateful!!!!
We did our usual tradition of a gratitude tree. Everyone wrote on leaves my mom cut out of colored construction paper what they were grateful for. It is always great fun, but this year it was a bit embarrassing because I or John and I were the object of much of the gratitude. I still have the leaf from two years ago when my daughter wrote in Chinese that she was grateful for having a family. It was the first time I knew for sure. ;-)


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!