From: All Girls Allowed.

Dear friends and prayer warriors;


Nie Lina is back in prison, this time with her 70-year old mother and her infant daughter.


Last April, we asked you to pray for Nie Lina, who was imprisoned and scheduled to have a forced abortion. 


When you prayed, God in Heaven moved on her behalf and she was set free, with no forced abortion, to go home. This was likely the first time in history that this has happened in China, and we learned that the officials “were too afraid and filled with terror to sign their names on her forced abortion order.


We’ve told her story to thousands as a story of God’s power in this battle.  But that has made the enemy really angry.





In this photo, she is about to enter prison with her baby.  She managed to find a cell phone and call our China Director with much struggle.  She quickly explained her treatment, then the phone was confiscated.


Nie Lina has tried to petition the government peacefully ever since her land was illegally seized by local officials. 
On November 24, Nie, her three-month old baby and 70-year old mother were arrested together in Beijing. Similar to past arrests, the arrest followed no legal procedure. They were sent to the basement of a secret prison. There are no windows or shower facilities. The 3 month old baby is without supplies or food. So far they have been detained for ten days without having any sort of bath. Nie Lina could not produce enough milk for the baby because she has received no protein.  Her daughter cries all the time because of hunger. Nie and her mother are helpless.

There is no end in sight in their present predicament. Guards tell them, “Your stay here is paid for by your local government. We are only responsible for your detainment.” They also told them, “You can be kept here until after the two congresses.” (The National People’s Congress and Political Consultation Congress are six months away.)  

We must cry out to God to rescue Nie Lina, her baby and her mother again.  We know he can do this, because he already has once.  Her infant’s life is a testimony of God’s greatness.
Jesus, please visit Nie Lina in her dungeon with no windows and shine in your own light of freedom. May merciful leaders give her compensation for new land and a home to be safe in with her new baby.  God, you’ve already set her free once and you can do it again.  We trust you because you know what is best for them and you see all things.  Visit Nie Lina and her family and be near them, casting out all fear.
Thank you for your love and care, Amen.
And thank you, praying friends, for your time and intecession.  If you have time, consider sending this to others, or even inviting a few people to come pray with you.  We know God can do it!


in Christ,

the All Girls Allowed team


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