Dating the Monsters — Available For Free, Limited Time Offer!

I got this today.

Dating the Monsters is my essay on why vampires and werewolves are the Go To heroes for modern romances. (It is also about the Anita Blake series.)

The full name of the essay is: Dating the Monsters: Why It Takes A Vampire or A Werewolf To Win The Heart of the Modern It Girl

It is one of the best essays I've ever written and has a lot of intriguing ideas…so enjoy for free!


Hi, Jagi!

We have an essay of yours up today. Your essay, "Dating the Monsters," went up this morning on, and will remain available until next Wednesday at 12:00 AM at (After that, the link will still work but for the excerpt-only portion.)
We'll put it out via our Twitter (@smartpopbooks) and Facebook page, but we'd love if you'd let any friends, readers, or fans know it's available!

Heather Butterfield

Publishing Associate, Smart Pop | BenBella Books