A Day With The Princess

Spent yesterday at Longwood Gardens in PA with the Princess and the Cherubim. We met two of Ping-Ping's girlfriends from China. One who now lives in Maryland and one who now lives in Alaska, but who was in town visiting her grandmother.

It was so much fun watching these girls chat together. They were all tiny, though one was taller than Ping-Ping. The other two must be several years younger, also, though you couldn't really tell. One of the families also had a four year old Chinese girl, also recently adopted. The other family also had another Chinese girl, though she had been home a few years. All three of our families had three boys before we adopted a girl.

So far, every family I've met through Chinese adoption has been Conservative Christians. I know one lesbian couple through college who have adopted–very caring and intelligent Liberal folks, but other than that…all Conservatives. I wonder why.