Summer Joy–Pool for a Win

So, we live in a community that has a charming pool–which is, luckily, in driving distance. For years, I've wanted to spend the summers enjoying the pool…but it never worked out. The boys were just too unruly, too wild, too unhappy during the manditory 15 minute breaks.

For years, they would go off the diving board–the Cherubim's favorite thing. Then, they changed the rules and you had to pass a swimming test. Juss could not pass it, and we couldn't even explain it to the Cherubim. He was very sad. Going to the pool was no fun.

But this year, everything has been different. The Cherubim is 12 and doens't need to take the test. Juss passed his swim test today! So the boys spent 45 minutes going off the diving board. Juss practiced pratfalls. The Cherubim just jumped and enjoyed himself.

That on top of the gift of perfect weather has made the summer rather lovely.