Flipped Out Like A Ninja!

So, I was actually writing this morning and son number three came to say that he was bored. I said, "Why don't you play with some of your toys."

And he made the mistake of saying, "I don't have any toys."

Folks, I'd like to say I kept my temper, but… while I did not actually flip out like a ninja, I did rather lose my temper.

So I carried through on my threat. I put all the toys in a HUGE pile in the center of the basement and made the boys sort them–putting them into bags, bins, and give away.

Juss freaked. He was practically white with fear. But….

They did it. The toys have been sorted. They now have piles of particular kinds of toys they can play with for the rest of the summer (legos, bacugan and pokemone, bey blades, imaginex, K'nex, etc.)

A job well done…just wish it hadn't happened in the middle of a writing day.


PS. When the story of "I have no toys" was repeated to Uncle Bill, Juss opined, "I was proven wrong."