God’s Mysterious Ways

Sometimes, when I have no money, I pray: "God, if you want me to do X, please send the appropriate funds."

Sometimes, He does.

Today, I prayed that way. Then, I went to the mail box. There was a copy of our churches' magazine and two bills. I love the magazine and felt it counted as a type of supply, so I was delighted…but it would not pay for the thing I had wanted to do with the children. But I felt so bouyed up, so held in God's love, I opened the bills with a happy heart.

And discovered that I had accidentally overpaid one of them by quite a bit.

Which meant I didn't have to pay it this month.

Which meant I did have money…the money put aside for that bill.

Divine Love really does meet every human need..but sometimes It does it with a sense of humor.