Request for Help

Hey folks,

I could use help with two things:

First, Reviews on Amazon– I have recently learned, thanks to the lovely Misty Massey, that the number of reviews you have on Amazon affects sales, in that Amazon treats books with more than twenty reviews differently than those without. I had not realized this and had not be urging people to review.

So, if you have read any or my books and feel moved to write a review, I would appreciate it tremendously.

The first book already has twenty, so it's mainly the second and third that need help, but everything is appreciated!

Prospero Lost

Prospero In Hell

Prospero Regained

(While you are at it, feel free to write reviews for John's books, too.)


Second, Prospero In Hell Paperback— the paperback for Prospero In Hell is finally out, one year after it would normally have come out. But I haven't seen it in bookstores yet.

If you happen to visit a bookstore, I would be so appreciative if you would ask about it…or a library! 


If you should ever feel really helpful, if you order a book at Barnes and Noble, and you don't pick it up, they put it on the shelves. That would be very cool!


Thank you all!  And bless you!