Magic Spells Help — part two.

You guys were a great help yesterday!

But, from your good comments, I realized that you could probably be more help if I gave a few more specifics. So, here's a question or two:


1) Love Spells…there is love enchantment…but the enchantment is music with a scent and visible sparkly lights. So, it's not subtle. Still…you could play it on a sleeping person or something.

My question is: In a culture where there were love spells…what disasters and legal problems/solutions do you foresee that might be different from what we have?


2) Conjuring. They can conjure stuff that lasts up to a day. It can be made permenant under certain circumstances, but that is a different issue. My question is: What uses can you think up for temporary stuff?

I've already thought of:

Plates…you could learn to conjure really nice dinnerware. So that every night, you would have this beautiful table. You would eat. Then you would just thorow the plates away. When they vanished, the food left on them would be left in the trash. No washing dishes.

Candy…making food with Conjuring not that wise, since it disappears. But you could make a quick vanish sweet that you could eat and would then disappear.

What other uses of being able to make anything temporarily can you think of?

Thanks in advance!