There And Back Again–A Movie Wonderland

Saw the Hobbit.

Many years ago, when I was ten, my cousin told my father about two authors I might like: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. My father bought the books and kept them in his office, which was downstairs. Every week, when I did my chores, I would get one. Occasionally, I would sneak and read ahead while I was vacuuming the office.

When I read The Hobbit, my favorite character was Thorin Oakenshield. I remember reading about his death, caught up in the story. I cried. Something I never, ever did at the age of ten. (It was not until I was 12 and hit puberty that I started crying occasionally.) I looked up and realized that I was on the school bus. I was so afraid someone would see my tears. But I was soooo sad.

I loved Thorin so much.

I also loved another noble Tolkien character who was calm and majestic. Aragorn. The movies were not good to him. He was played by a loud-mouthed whiner who was nothing like the character in the book. (I know some folks liked him, but they tended to be people who did not like the book Aragorn. I loved the character in the book…best of anyone in the series, except maybe Thorin.) The LOTR movies were ruined for me. I didn't really want to see The Hobbit. I was afraid they would ruin Thorin Oakenshield.

But they didn't.

He was wonderful. Perfect.

The whole movie was perfect.

May be one of my favorite movies I've ever seen.

Thorin Lives Again.

Ten year old me would be so happy.