Happy New Year!

Haven't written my annual New Year's Letter yet. I will. In the meantime, 2012 was both a wonderful year and a very hard one. I am both happy to be onto the next one, and mildly disappointed, as if I missed something I had been waiting for. Maybe I had odd expectations, since the date figured into prophecies I read back in the 90s, so it had stuck in my mind as significant.

On the other hand, I have this odd feeling that, looking back, I may find it more significant in retrospect that I am aware of at the moment.

I must say, thought, looking back to this time last year, I am so utterly grateful that I am not preparing for a major overseas trip at the moment!


On the other hand, very few things I have ever done compare with the two and a half weeks I spent in China last January with my daughter. ;-)