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Reposting this for Danielle Ackley-McPhail.  She wrote:

Hi, All.

I received a wonderful review yesterday for my solo science fiction
collection, A Legacy of Stars (DTF Publications/Dark Quest Books). It made my
day, but it came with something of a mystery, which I’ll quote here:
“One of the cleverest first contact stories to come along in a long time.”
Analog June 2013 issue

Where is the mystery, do you ask? See…there are two first contact stories
in the collection. Now I could just ask the reviewer which one he thought
was the cleverest, but where is the fun in that? I say this calls for a

For the next week I will be taking a poll on what you thought was the
cleverest first contact story in the book. How it works: If you really like me
and want to give some support to a small press author buy the ebook version
of the book for $2.99 and give it a read.



Or, email me at _greenfirephoenix@aol.com_ and I will send you a PDF file of the two stories in question. Whichever route you take, read the stories: Building Blocks and To Look Upon The Face of God and click the below rafflecopter by April 12 (EST) with your pick for which is the cleverest. On April 13th the reviewer, Don Sakers, will answer the question on my Facebook page. Two people will win a free, autographed copy of the print version of A Legacy of Stars.

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