Book Review: The Redcap Queen by Danielle Ackley-McPhail


Danielle Ackley-McPhail is all kinds of awesome! And now, she’s back in print for all of us to enjoy with another Bad-Ass Faerie Tale—a sequel to her HALFLING’s COURT novella.
Suzanne has always resisted her boyfriend Lance’s desire to protect her. Now, he cannot stop the panic caused by her memory of a recent attack by redcaps. Eager to put her terror behind her, she sneaks out to face her fears on her own. This well-meaning desire sets in motion a series of events that threaten to destroy everything—and everyone–Suzanne holds dear.
An intense story filled with heartbreak and adventure. In addition to everyone’s favorite motorcycle-riding faerie-kin, there is a priestess of Avalon whose vows forbid her from warning those she loves of impending doom; a marvelous, magical space-traveling mead shop that nearly steals the show; derby girls with amusingly-crazy names (like Molotov Cupcake, Assault Shaker and Doom Hilda) and hot skating action, plus evil fathers, dangerous fae, and an evil cap of red that can’t be put down.
Suzanne’s relationships with those she loves are tested to the breaking point as the wicked caps threatens to consume her and turn her into a weapon against her friends. Only Lance’s love and the loyalty of the Wild Hunt could save her now…but will they see through what has she become in time?

Look for THE REDCAP’s QUEEN from Dark Quest Books.