A Day Out with the Cherubim

Today, the Cherubim asked to go to the train station, so we went. We did all our favorite traditions. Walked on the tracks, smelled the wood and tar, climbed on the caboose, went to the one room museum, ate at Fosters, even watched two trains go by. We saw a truck that could convert from road to rail…that was cool!

The best part, though, was just being there with him. This is the eighth or ninth year we have been doing this. He is now 13 and taller than me. He is so calm and handsome. And today, unlike many times this year, he was not angry. He was his normal happy self with his little wise smile and that kind of a light he gets in his eyes. Even when things went wrong, like he poked a hole in his cup by mistake and it spouted root beer all over him, he just calmly went with the flow. (He tipped the cup up and tried to drink it as quick as it shot out. LOL)

It is hard not to see the blessings of Heaven all around us on days like this.