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Rachel final mid-size

The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin (Paperback)

In fairness, I might have given this four stars, but I read a .pdf file on my
Kindle with font so small I had to place the device under a slide and use my
daughter's microscope to read the file.

Perhaps I exaggerate (perhaps) but my eyes aren't getting any younger and for
whatever reason, be it the original .pdf file or the limitation of the eInk
Kindle reader which wouldn't let me increase the font size (think 3 point!), it
really did require a degree of squinting and suffering to read. Which didn't
stop me from being completely and utterly enthralled, and cursing my old eyes
when I got too tired to read.

Rachel Griffin is a Good Egg. You'd want to be her best friend (if you were 13)
or her mom (at any age). Jagi Lamplighter has written a Dick Francis novel, if
Dick Francis were (think Harry Potter)a broomstick jockey, and a tween. Rachel
Griffin's adventures feel like an admixture of Rick Riordan's Camp Half-blood
mythology and Rowling's Harry Potter's school stories: but that's unfair to
Lamplighter, because this is a unique vision.

My 10-year-old (Harry Potter and Rick Riordan junkie) daughter loves the book,
despite having to use her microscope to read it (She's got first dibs on the
dead-tree version as soon as those nice UPS gentlemen deliver it to our door.
Because yes, we're going to re-read it.) Give it to your daughter, too. Just
don't be surprised if you get hooked, yourself.