Signal Boost Tuesday

Today's boost is for author and newspaperman extraordinaire Ken Rossignol.


Ever read comics about crusading editors like Perry White (Superman's editor)? Ken was the real thing! He ran a little fishing newspaper called the ST. MARY'S TODAY. Then he got hit by a drunk driver. Not much damage done, but his brother had been killed by a drunk driver a few years earlier.

Ken decided the time had come to do something.

He hired a photographer and bought a police scanner. Every time there was a DWI pullover, he put a picture in the paper. Ver soon, people were overheard saying things like: "Drink and drive? Are you kidding? I'm not afraid of the police, but I don't want my picture in the ST. MARY'S TODAY!"

So the little mag turned into a hard hitting newspaper reporting on crime and graft. It ruffled a lot of feathers among the Good Old Boys of Southern Maryland. Eventually, the entire governing body of the county lost their seats and new people were elected.

In the middle of the fight, however, my husband John came onboard as one of the ST. MARY'S TODAY reporters. He worked there for several years, writing articles and editorials and drawing political cartoons. So we got to see Ken in action.

Ken was a very brave man. He wore a flack jacket, because he had received death threats. He would not back down from the truth for anyone…not ever friends or loved ones. He was one of those rare, rare, breeds–a newspaper man who tells the truth!

Nowadays, Ken writes books. He's written quite a few!  Thrillers. Histories. And a history of his time as editor of the St MARY's Today

Below is a link to his Amazon page, where you can look at what he has to offer:



One of many!

I remember this incident! We had already moved away,

but we happened to be in town the next day.