Wright’s Writing Corner: Guest Appearance at Glipho.com

Here is an article on Character I did for GliphoWriMo.



Imagine that you and I are standing in front of an easel upon which an artist has drawn a circle. It’s just a circle. We tilt our head left and right, but there’s nothing else there.

One line. Round.


Then, the artist comes forward. He squints slightly to the left, as if envisioning the light source. Then he picks up his charcoal pencil and adds shading. A darker bit around the curve. A lighter bit a little farther up and down.

And, voila! Suddenly, our circle has become a sphere, a ball fairly bouncing off the page!

Shading is a marvelous thing. A simple trick. Once you know how to do it, your pictures need never look flat again.

Ah, you say, sighing, as you look at the curve of the charcoal beach ball, if only it were that simple to make three-dimensional characters.

The good news is: it is!


Read the rest: http://glipho.com/gliphowrimo/guest-post-l-jagi-lamplighter-the-secret-to-writing-3d-characters-lampwright4