Mab’s Hand Guide to Surviving the Supernatural

Mab no outline

Mab here, Prospero Inc. company gumshoe.

As part of my campaign to protect you woefully-uninformed humans from your own folly—in hopes of saving even one of you from an elf-induced death, or worse—here is some of my gathered wisdom concerning the supernatural world.

Read. Pay attention. And maybe you’ll live.

For those of you who are just coming in, we’ve started with Tsukumogami, Japanese household objects that wake up after their 100th birthday and become animate.



Name:  Bakezori

Description:  Japanese straw sandal that runs through houses where footwear is abused and chants: "kararin, kororin, kankororin!" ( Three eyes, three eyes, two teeth—which only makes sense if you think of the holes in a sandal as eyes and the straps as teeth. Weird.)

Where To Find It: Japanese households

Frequency: More common than you’d expect

Danger Level: Worse for your ears than anything else, but stay away!

Mab’s Eye View: These suckers are tricky. Cousin of mine put one on once, thinking it was a normal sandal. In addition to the horror of having his foot licked, he was dragged across the ground by the runaway footwear. It was a long time before he stopped flinching, if anyone chanted: "kararin, kororin, kankororin!"