Signal Boost Tuesday! — Christine Dufficy

I don’t normally do a long introduction for Signal Boost Tuesdays, but I felt this particular author deserved a little bit extra.

I grew up in a small town where we went to school with the same kids for all thirteen years. It was a mainly conservative town of people who worked in New York. My family was nothing like that. My parents believed in health food and caring for the environment far before it was popular. (They were a whole generation older than the Hippies.) Consequentially, as you might imagine, my brother and I didn’t exactly fit in.

Alas, children are seldom kind to those who don’t move with the herd. So, my brother and I had a rather lonely time of it.

I did have friends, a few of whom I am still in touch with. Outside this group, however, the other kids were seldom kind to me. Sometimes, they were outright cruel.

So, you can imagine, with what fondness, I remember the one girl who always treated me kindly. Christine Dufficy was a beckon of light in a dark murky time. I was delighted to learn that she had written some books!

flowers of the rosery


Flowers of The Rosary helps people interested in spirituality who want peace of mind get more information on tranquility of prayer and harmony. Its unique advantage is that it is based on the Christine’s own spiritual foundation. Flowers of The Rosary is a self help guide to find solace and help in a supportive, faith-based environment so the reader can find peace, harmony and spirituality in the comfort of your own space. A true inspirational guide and building block offering a solid foundation in Catholicism. Christine has several hobby-based business, lives with her family in Westborough, MA 



One More Daisy is a colorful easy to read educational book working with recognizing and tracing the numbers 1 through 5. Includes Custom drawing and doodle pages. Early learning books.


Christine's bio info:

Christine Bernadette Dufficy is the Chief Executive Officer of  CBD DESIGN STUDIOS in Westborough Massachusetts.  Prior to that Christine’s position was in New York.  Christine,  holds an Administrative Services Degree in Computers, A Baccalaureate Degree Bachelor of Sciences Degree, Business Administration.  Christine  also holds a degree in Real Property Law and Records Management with a concentration in  Bureau of Government Services.  Christine has furthered her studies of the Masters in Education in Special Ed and Education.  Christine manages a small group of closely held businesses in Media for Publication.

 Christine started her career by working and launching an internship program at CBS Broadcast Group in the 80’s.  Christine then moved on into Marketing Research with Mediamark Research on Madison Avenue in New York, NY.  Christine’s desire to assist and service has taken her through numerous industries in Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

 Christine is a  professional business person, who accomplishes management goals through technology integration and individual centered awareness.  Christine,  believes successful growth and development, is achieved through proper planning, implementing, and evaluating of strategies, interests, and program enhancements that utilize  culture and policies for morale development and operational efficiencies. Christine,  is enthusiastic and skilled in the design of enriching and innovating activities and policies that inspire the desire to learn while continuing to build upon the early foundations of inquisitive exploratory knowledge. A collaborative passion on all levels which Christine believes, successfully yields dramatic increases in value, personal satisfaction and a sense of community awareness. This process heightens self responsiveness; builds self-esteem and continues to develop a unique sense of individual character, self-contribution and morale; while overall, facilitating one’s ability and performance evaluation.  I hope you enjoy this workbook One More Daisy,  authored by Christine Bernadette Dufficy.  Contributions to this project include CBD DESIGN STUDIOS, C art, ePagemakers .