Mab’s Handy Guide to Surviving the Supernatural

Mab f

Mab here, Prospero Inc. company gumshoe.

As part of my campaign to protect you woefully-uninformed humans from your own folly—in hopes of saving even one of you from an elf-induced death, or worse—here is some of my gathered wisdom concerning the supernatural world.

Read. Pay attention. And maybe you’ll live.

For those of you who are just coming in, we’ve started with Tsukumogami, Japanese household objects that wake up after their 100th birthday and become animate.


Name:  Ittan-momen

Description:   A thirty foot cotton scarf that flies around at night, wraps around people, and smoothers them. The Ittan-momen looks a bit like a ghost. It has two red eyes, ghostly hands, and then a long trailing body-tail.

Where To Find It: Too many places.

Frequency:  Thankfully low.

Danger Level:  Very high.

Mab’s Eye View: Look, I realize some of you write me off as an alarmist, but this is a thoroughly nasty, murderous, fiend. On the other hand, even I must admit, that people have occasionally tamed ‘em. Weird. (Like the below. Disgusting!)