Returning the Favor

YA Author Margo Bond Collins is returning the favor and Guest Blogging me.


If you haven't read my All About the MagicOr the Gosling of the Golden Creek Vs. The Unicorn Pooper-Scoopers essay (it was at Magical Words earlier this year) now you can:

Welcome today to the inimitable L. Jagi Lamplighter, one of my favorite writers (I love, love, LOVE her Prospero’s Daughter trilogy!) and an all-around amazing person. Today, she’s here discussing magic in a guest post she has generously allowed me to republish from Magical Words. Check out her thoughts on magic, geese, and unicorn poop below, then take a look at her latest book, The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin before you go!

All About The Magic: Or the Gosling of the Golden Creek Vs. The Unicorn Pooper-Scoopers

Beside the road leading to my street, there is a small pond. This pond is the favorite nesting place of a flock of Canadian geese who like to walk out in the street.

The other day, I found myself sitting and waiting for the geese to depart, so I could drive home without running over them. As I watched the birds waddle by, I thought of people I knew who had expressed hatred for these creatures that stop traffic and leave goose droppings all over the sidewalk and golf courses. Their hatred added to my impatience.

After all, I wanted to get home. I had things to do, man!

But then I remembered something…


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