A Thank You to the Evil League of Evil

I realize me signal boosting the Evil League of Evil is a bit like a dingy trying to draw attention to the ginormous aircraft carrier that is pulling it, but…I cannot think of another way to express my thanks.

In case anyone missed the cause, on October 22nd, the Evil League of Evil blogged about my newest book. The book reached some of the Amazon Bestseller's Lists. So did the first book. — AND they are still there! So, a thank you is due.

Normally, when I post a Signal Boost, it is not a recommendation. It is just me doing a favor for another author. 

These, however, are recommendations. I've read all of these books…or am reading them. I recommend them all.



HARD MAGIC by Larry Correia

This is just a delightfully fun book. I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of the early stories in the Wild Card series, only better. I loved Wild Cards, but the quality was spotty because the authors changed. This has the same mood but maintains the quality across the story. It reminds me of the parts of Grapes of Wrath that I liked crossed with superheroes. (The story is so much fun, that I joined a Hard Magic game with some friends. I'm playing a Weatherman (girl?) named Belle Weather.)

I've recommended this series to several people and most of them have really enjoyed it and are now big Correia fans.



WITCHFINDER by Sarah A. Hoyt

If you are ever in the mood for a fantasy novel crossed with a Regency romance, this is the book for you! A delightfully fun story done in the style of a Regency but with lots of magical action and a character from modern earth to boot. Ladies, how can you resist a duke named Seraphim! Particularly, when he's noble, misunderstood, bearing up under the heavy weight of duty, rescuing persecuted wizards, and falling-in-love! And there's a trip to fairyland! If I had any complaints about this book, it would be that I would have liked it to be longer. (Full disclosure, includes a sub-plot of elf-boy on elf-boy romance)



One Bright Star To Guide Them by John C. Wright

This is possibly my favorite thing of everything John has written. Certainly, one of my favorites. Many people compare it to Narnia, but really it was meant to be a sequel to a whole genre of children's books where magical things came into the life of children and then left again. (Narnia, The Dark Is Rising Series, Carbonel, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, and many others.) In particular, the characters in this story are not meant to be grown up versions of Lewis's characters.

In this story, a man is leaving work when he comes upon the talking cat who had been his animal companion during the magical adventure of his childhood. Now, decades later, the cat wants him to do one last thing. But Tom has a life, a job! As the story goes on, we are granted a glimpse of the otherworld and the adventure that young Tommy and his friends underwent, and it is among the most magical and wondrous of stories! (I have seen people ask for that story to be written. Beautiful as it is, I think something would be lost if it were seen up close. It is partially that we are seeing it through the nostalgia of time that makes it so beautiful.)

A really lovely and uplifting story.


Throne of bones


I have not yet finished this one. It is quite long, and I have a minimum of reading time. But I am at least half way through and am quite enjoying it. Who would not enjoy seeing Romans fight goblins!

In a world where ancient Rome is surrounded by goblins, dwarves, and elves, churchmen quarrel while gladiators battle goblins and dwarves steal from dragon's hoards. There are charming barbarians who have come to the civilized world to seek help against the wolf-men, and huge battle scenes between armies of humans and non-humas. And a really good portrayal of an elf girl watching some sorcerers try to bind up a dragon. The writing style is cool and intellectual with a great deal of care taken to the depicting of the world at large, reminding me a bit of John's writing. So far, very intriging!