December 4th is Rachel Griffin Day!

Hey Folks,


However, whether or not the book is for you, here are a few very simple things you can do that would be a huge help!


1) If you think you might enjoy the story, or if you would like a copy for the Harry Potter fan on your list, today is a: great day to buy!



2) Click HERE to visit the Amazon page!

  Just visiting the page helps with Amazon ranking!


 3) Put The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin on you Wish List.

 This helps, too!

Follow the link above and click Wish List on the right hand side.

(You can always take it off later, if you really don't want it there.)



4) LIKE my Amazon Author Page HERE.

This helps with ranking, too.

The LIKE button is in the top right corner.



5) Signal Boost!

  Whatever you can do to help spread the word is extremely appreciated!


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