Superversive Blog: Art of Courage Repost

In honor of the first anniversary of the Superversive Literary Movement, I am reposting the article that started it all: Where it All Began! The Superversive Literary Movement Good storytelling. Great ideas. Greetings, and welcome to the first post of the new Superversive Literary Movement blog, which will appear here on Wednesdays (or occasionally Thursday,…

!Rachel and the Many Splendored Dreamland art

Changes In The Offing

As of last week, I am the proud owner of the rights to all five of my books–both the Prospero series* and first two books of Unexpected Enlightenment. This means that my new publisher, Chameleon, will be publishing all three of the books of Unexpected Enlightenment–The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin, The Raven, The Elf,…

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New Kickstarter Card Game: Hero’s Journey!

Nathan McClellan, a delightful fellow and long time fan of John's, is involved in a Kickstarter for a really cool card game called Hero's Journey. I showed the Kickstarter video to my youngest and he cried out in awe, "How can I get that!" So, I asked Nathan and his partner-in-crime, James Wright (no relation), if they…


Superversive Blog: What Stories Do!

Today we have a special treat, another post from the fantastic teen author, April Freeman. Teen author extraordinaire: April Freeman   Not everyone loves reading, but who can resist a good story? There is something about a good story. The way it pulls you in, the way it makes you want more, the way it…


Superversive Blog: Wherefore Art Thou, Culture War?

Hello, All!  Welcome back, as Superversive Blog recovers from its summer hiatus. Today, we have an interesting treat, especially for those of you who appreciate psychology and personality tests!   The Culture War Posts!   The recent intrusion of the current culture war into the sphere of Science Fiction has drawn the attention of people…


Post Hugo Post

We had a lovely time out in Spokane this weekend. Two dear friends who are fans of John’s decided that, in a just world, he would have been a guest of honor, so they decided to treat him like one. They picked us up at the airport, arranged our hotel, provided meals, covered my plane…


Worldcon 2015, Here We Come!

Our Sasquan schedule:   L. Jagi Lamplighter       Autographing  Friday 13:00 Hall B L. Jagi Lamplighter  Reading     Saturday noon 304   John. C. Wright            Autographing  Saturday 13:00  Hall B John C. Wright   Reading    Saturday 15:30 303B   Joint Kaffe Klatche scheduled for Friday at 5 pm.