Four Funerals and a Wedding

John did not have a chance to write his normal holiday story this year, so I gave him one of mine to post.  This story comes from my Against the Dying of the Light background, which currently remains unwritten–this story would take place somewhere in the later half of the series.    http://www.scifiwright.com/2016/01/four-funerals-and-a-wedding/   Comments


There Will Be War — Released Today!

Signal Boost!     The Premier Mil-SF Series Returns 25 Years Later At the height of the Cold War, the most important series in military science fiction was THERE WILL BE WAR. Created by science fiction legend Dr. Jerry Pournelle, the nine volumes of THERE WILL BE WAR combined the very best science fiction writers…


A Supeversive Story: A Girl I knew

A Girl I Knew A brief Superversive short story by our favorite teen, April Freeman! I knew a girl, she was an angel. Her beauty, soft and innocent, was so pure it seemed untouched by the corruption of the world. It was a beauty I’d never known before. Her soft hair was like a waterfall…


Superversive Blog: Help the spin rack make a comeback

  Article by LOU ANTONELLI   Back in 2008, when Tor publishing launched Tor.com, they apparently decided to reach out to mainstream media – as opposed to genre outlets – and used an outside public relations company. I was contacted as the managing editor of an Associated Press daily newspaper, and offered an opportunity to do…


Rachel In The Air

Rachel Griffin in flight, drawn for me during my reading at Sasquan by Codex of Codex and Quizzer, the team behind Tempest in a Teardrop.   And if you haven't been reading Tempest in a Teardrop, they've gotten pretty funny! I recommend this sequence: The hazing of the new intern Approching the Vile Demense (of the…


Culture War Post 4: The War Over Archetypes!

Forth in our series of articles of Speculative Fiction meets Jung as viewed through the work of Ruth Johnston in her new book: Re-modeling the Mind: Personality in Balance.     SF Culture Posts    Part One: What Forces Drive the SF Culture War? Part Two: Optimistic in the Night Land Part Three: If You Had Introverted…

Tom simon -dcac

Superversive Blog: Life, Carbon, and the Tao — Part Two!

Today we have Part Two of our Superversive Literary Movement Anniversary essay by Mr. Superversive himself, essayist extraordinaire, Tom Simon! Snarky essays on the art of writing fantasy   Life, Carbon, and the Tao by Tom Simon   Part One is available here. And now, to the second question: What’s so special about the Tao? Here I…