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Superversive Blog: Life, Carbon, and the Tao — Part Two!

Today we have Part Two of our Superversive Literary Movement Anniversary essay by Mr. Superversive himself, essayist extraordinaire, Tom Simon! Snarky essays on the art of writing fantasy   Life, Carbon, and the Tao by Tom Simon   Part One is available here. And now, to the second question: What’s so special about the Tao? Here I…


Superversive Literary Movement Anniversary Essay!

Those of you who have joined us in the last year may not be aware that before the Superversive Literary Movement, there was still Superversiveness. It existed in the form of Mr. Superversive himself, the astute and witty essayist, Tom Simon.  When John and I conceived of the idea of the Superversive Literary Movement, we…

Sciphi issue #5 cover with names amended.

Sci Phi Mag Needs Us!

Sci Phi Journal needs help!  For those who are not familiar with Sci Phi Journal, it offers science fiction stories that have a philosophy. Sci Phi offers a venue for the very kinds of stories that we all want to read but seldom get to see. It features some of the best new authors, like Josh Young and…


Third Repost: The Goals of the Superversive

Here is the third of our reposts, gearing up to October 1st, the first anniversary of the Superversive Literary Movement. Any new venture needs a mission statement. So, what are the goals of the Superversive Literary Movement? Well…let me tell you a brief story. As a child, I distained Cliffsnotes. I insisted on actually reading…


Repost Two: Holy Godzilla of the Apocalypse!

Second in our series of reposts gearing up for year to of the Superversive Literary Movement:   Holy Godzilla of the Apocalypse: or How to Identify a Superversive Story So, you want to be Superversive? Eager to join the new movement but not sure how to tell if you have? This post will, God willing,…