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A Head’s UP

The second Book of Unexpected Enlightenment, The Raven, the Elf, and Rachel, is live. In honor of this, on July 3rd, 4th, and 5th,  The first book, the new and expanded The Unexpected enlightenment of Rachel Griffin, will be only .99 cents! I will post about it again when the time comes. Also, I added some…

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Live from Amazon! It’s ebook Book One!

You asked…here it is! The e-book version of the first Book of Unexpected Enlightenment: The new revised and expanded (improved and better edited) version of THE UNEXPECTED ENLIGHTENMENT OF RACHEL GRIFFIN (Book One) is now live on Amazon. The cost is $2.99. Book Two will go live in early July. Book Three should be available in October. Also…


Signal Boost for eSpec Kickstarter — Defending the Future!

eSpec Books is kickstarting the next book in the award-winning Defending the Future science fiction anthology series. Man and Machine (http://tiny.cc/DTF7) brings you 13 stories of future fiction by science fiction greats Bud Sparhawk, Brenda Cooper, Jennifer Brozek, Ronald Garner, Aaron Rosenberg, James Chambers, Nancy Jane Moore, Patrick Thomas, Jeff Young, Eric Hardenbrook, Robert E. Waters, Anton Kukal, Judi…


The Last Flight of Odin’s One Hundred — LIVE!!!

Hey Folks! My short story, The Last Flight of Odin's Hundred, is now live on Sci Phi Journal. Read here — firedrake star jets vs star serpents! This short story takes place in the same greater background as the Books of Unexpected Enlightenment and as Ring of Sounding Brass, the short story in God, Robot.…


The Worm of Ages — new from Tom Simon

Many people feel Tom Simon, Mr. Superversive himself, is the the best essayist living today. However, he writes fiction, too! Hot from the presses, six short works of fantasy by Mr. Simon: The Worm of the Ages on Amazon Join Tom Simon for a light-hearted excursion through the fields of the imagination, from legends of…

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Bring the Lightning — New Western by Peter Grant!

Today is the day!  For all you lovers of Westerns and fans of Peter Grant.  His first Western is now live! Buy on Amazon now! Successful science fiction author Peter Grant has branched out in a new diretion. In BRINGS THE LIGHTNING, he has revived the classic Western novel. A renaissance man of a wide range…


New — Space Opera series SUPERLUMINARY!

Interplanetary Family Intrigue via Zelazny in SPACE – check  Fighting on Pluto – check Beautiful Space Prince – check Lady Venus and Lord Saturn – check  Evil Space Vampires – check If these things sound intriguing, then check out SUPERNLUMINARY, John's new project on Patreon. Anyone can read this, but for those who would like…


BOOK BOMB! Nethereal by Brian Niemeier

SPACE PIRATES IN HELL!!! Buy on Amazon Today, we are book bombing Nethereal (like etherial with a n at the beginning) by Brian Niemeier.   I had the honor of being the editor for this fascinating book. It has a very interesting and unusual mood, kind of like if a science fiction story were set…