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Superversive Literary Blog — Hearing from the Opposition

Ordinarily, I would consider Ulysses by James Joyce the opposite of everything Superversive stands for. However, a reader contacted me and asked if I would consider a guest blog from an alternate point of view.  So, here, without further ado, is Gabriel Mamola discussing James Joyces Ulysses from a Superverisve point of view:   This is…


Signal Boost Tuesday

Signal boost for an author who was kind enough to boost me. Katherine Lampe is an author and musician based in Paonia, Colorado, home of fruit and coal. She learned to read from mythology texts, and has wanted to write fantasy since reading The Hobbit in second grade. With an English teacher for a mother…


In Honor of Halloween — An Excerpt From Book Three

Here, in honor of Halloween, is an excerpt from Book Three: Rachel and the Technicolor Dreamland. The scene is that Rachel Griffin and her boyfriend, Gaius Valiant, are flying on her steeplechaser to crash the Dead Men's Ball, a gathering of the restless dead (mainly sailors who drowned in the most dangerous part of the…