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Another Snippet of Operation Renfield!

From Operation Renfield  by Steven Johnson, Chapter One: King In the Morning A different book by Steven G. Johnson here. “You are Sergeant First Class Murphy?” said a healthy specimen in spatter-camouflaged overalls. He carried a machine rifle and had a bunch of little boxes slung over his back – tin can, leather box, some…

Subversive Literary Movement

Superversive Blog: The Goal of the Superversive

  Any new venture needs a mission statement. So, what are the goals of the Superversive Literary Movement? Well…let me tell you a brief story. As a child, I distained Cliffsnotes. I insisted on actually reading the book. I would like to instill the same virtue in my children. But recently, I made my first…


Live Chat now!

Okay Folks, We are now love at Bitten by Books, come by any time this afternoon or tonight! (And get a chance to win a $75 Amazon gift certificate!) Come by for a minute and just say hi, or join in and chat all night. To join in the fun, click here: Bitten by Books…