Signal Boost: Nethereal by Brian Neimeier

New Space Opera with Pirates!!! I am particularly delighted to announce this book, because I got to help edit it at an earlier stage. Nethereal on Amazon You can read more here.   A woman like no other who longs for acceptance. A precision killer inspired by the dream of his captain. The last member…

Awake in the Night Lands eBook Cover 4 a

Superversive Blog: Guest Post by a Ghost

I am reposting this essay because I love it so much. It was written by Andy Robertson, the man for whom John wrote his Night Land stories.  Mr. Robertson ran a website dedicated to William Hope Hodgeson's book, The Night Land. Back when all the other magazines were paying 2 and 5 cent a word.…


Tempest In A Teardrop!

Amusing pro Sad Puppy comics by our dear friends Codex & Q. See the first comic here I believe: Larry Correia is the bear Brad Torgersen is a carrot Sarah A Hoyt is the mouse John is the raven The figure with horns is Vox Day


Off to Wood Badge

Folks,  There will be no Superversive article this week because I am off to Wood Badge–the Boy Scout Adult Leadership program.  Next week, I shall try to get you all an essay. Essays I am working on include: Hell's Gamers – Ruminations on Hell's Angels and #Gamergate Drama and Culture with Dinosaurs — my take…

Sciphi issue #5 cover with names amended.

New Short Story by Me in SciPhi, Issue #5

My short story, "HMS Mangled Treasure: The Rescue of Mr. Spaghetti", has come out! It is in SciPhi Magazine, Issue #5. Here is a 5 star review from Amazon: Could not be better! The stories are very good, of course. The excellent Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky continues. HMS Mangled Treasure by L. Jagi Lamplighter…


RavenCon Here We Come

John and I shall be appearing at RavenCon in Richmond, VA on Saturday and Sunday.  Info here:  Ravencon is a great convention. This year, they happened to have guests on both sides of a number of big controversies…controversies that developed since all these guests were invited.   Out of respect for this great convention,…


Superversive Blog: Signal to Noise

Ever wonder why you are having such a hard time getting along with that once-dear friend who is now on the far side of the political Great Divide? This post might help bridge that knowledge gap.   These illustrations are from an article on cameras that can be found Cambridge In Colour   Many years…