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Superversive Blog: Guest Blog–Facing the Cold Equations

Facing "The Cold Equations" by  S. Dorman Tom Godwin's "The Cold Equations" is perfectly balanced on the premise partly suggested in its title. Assigned for a course I've been auditing, the only thing troubling one's suspension of disbelief is lack of verisimilitude in its setting, particularly the .1 g.  We lack lower gravity and capsule…


The Christmas Story…late

This was to be my Superversive post last week, but I never got it posted. This what John Scalzi's imaginary intern Chad would have called Christ: Origins   The Birth of Jesus Christ As told by Luke and Matthew and the good scribes of King James   Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this…

Mary C

Signal Boost — Author Mary Catelli

Signal Boost for fellow author, Mary Catelli. A short stories, a novelette, and a collection: Widowed, caught between two feuds, Katie was desperate enough that the Witch Prince witched her wits away, so that she let him steal her baby. Then there was no reason for him to not let the bewitchment fail, then.  What, after all,…


Superversive Blot: Why “Realism” Isn’t

Today's post is a polished reprint of a post I did several years ago. This subject came up in the comments of my last post, so it seemed topical. Moments of Grace or  Why "Realism" Isn't I have never liked dark, gritty, ‘realistic’ stories—the kind that are unrelentingly grim. The kind where there’s no hope,…