Superversive Blog: When Originality Is a Bad Thing

Today we have a guest post from author Suzannah Rowntree. She speaks on a subject near and dear to my heart. I am a big believer in creativity in our writing…but I find that a lot of calls for originality in form and writing are like telling an artist that they cannot use perspective in…


Rabid Puppies Short Fiction Book Bomb

And the slate of Lord Voxdimort:   BEST SHORT STORY "Goodnight Stars" by Annie Bellet, The Apocalypse Triptych "Totaled" by Kary English, Galaxy's Edge "On a Spiritual Plain" by Lou Antonelli, Sci Phi Journal #2   “A Single Samurai” by Steve Diamond, Baen Big Book of Monsters Both Rabid Puppies recommendations in the Short Story category…


Sad Puppy Short Story Book Bomb!

Below is yesterday's post from Monster Hunter Nation: It is time to spread more awareness about Puppy Related Sadness. The following are our suggested nominees for the short fiction categories, novelette and short story. The way a Book Bomb normally works is that we pick one good book worthy of more attention, which is available…