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I am doing another free online writing chat at Savvy Authors, next week: Wednesday, October 29th, at 9:00pm EST. Topic: Writing Dynamic Descriptions Here is the info. You need to sign up if you want to participate, but it doesn't cost anything (Even though they ask you to 'check out.'): You can register here: Savvy Author's…


Superversive — Guest Blog by Sarah A. Hoyt

Guest post by author extradinaire, Sarah A. Hoyt: What did I want? I wanted a Roc's egg. I wanted a harem loaded with lovely odalisques less than the dust beneath my chariot wheels, the rust that never stained my sword,. I wanted raw red gold in nuggets the size of your fist and feed that…


Capture This Winner

We received some great captions, but the most popular was was, hands down:   Aren't you a little short for a Storm Trooper? However, a special mention to: These are not the Little Ponies you are looking for.


The Art of Courage — Superversive Guest Post by Tom Simon

The Superversive Literary Movement Good storytelling. Great ideas. Greetings, and welcome to the first post of the new Superversive Literary Movement blog, which will appear here on Wednesdays (or occasionally Thursday, if life interferes.)  Our very first post is an introduction to the concept of Superversiveness by Mr. Superversive himself, Tom Simon! The Art of Courage…