Superversive Blog: Interview with Frank Luke

An interview with author Frank Luke, who gives one of the best arguments for why it is not immoral for Christians to read and write fantasy I've ever seen. How did you come to write your book? Rebirths started as a short story called “New Life.” I'd written several of those, and had an idea while…


Superversive Blog: Guest Post by S. Dorman

Guest poster S. Dorman returns with another powerful essay:   My Hero, Lost On A Mountain In Maine One of my heroes was lost on a mountain in Maine. Not on just any mountain, but The Greatest Mountain—Katahdin, it was named of the Abenaki. Highest mountain in the state and sharing with downeast coastal Quoddy Head first…


Interview with Jessica Benya, author of Electronica

Jessica Benya and I have in common that we are both authors who attended St. John's College in Annapolis. The difference between us, however, is that I attened in the 80s, and she's still a student!  When I was visiting the college in September, the book store manager brought her book to my attention. I…


Four Funerals and a Wedding

John did not have a chance to write his normal holiday story this year, so I gave him one of mine to post.  This story comes from my Against the Dying of the Light background, which currently remains unwritten–this story would take place somewhere in the later half of the series.   Comments


There Will Be War — Released Today!

Signal Boost!     The Premier Mil-SF Series Returns 25 Years Later At the height of the Cold War, the most important series in military science fiction was THERE WILL BE WAR. Created by science fiction legend Dr. Jerry Pournelle, the nine volumes of THERE WILL BE WAR combined the very best science fiction writers…