Overheard at the Wright Household

Overheard at the Wright Household: Definitions by Juss: Immortals — death-impaired Juss — pancake-impaired    Juss, singing, "And an unemployed jester is nobody's cat!" Juss, doing his cat impersonation voice: "But an employed jester is nobody's cat either." Juss: "Oh, good point." Juss: "How did I get here?" Me: "You were born." Juss: "But Dad…


Part One: The Ones Who Walk Away from Washington

Reposting this for technical purposes. Sorry.   It came to me to repost my Seeing With Eyes Unclouded By Hate posts. Here is part one…just as I wrote it some years ago: The rainbow leading to the crock of gold…or something…in the Capital Building Photo by Cat Mihos   In my youth, I was a…

Sheep and Dread Final

Caption This!

In honor of the upcoming release of the next book of Unexpected Enlightement, here is another sheep-themed picture to capture.  (Those of you who have read the book, no spoilers!)   Comments