Why is Rachel Griffin 13?

 One of the hardest problems I had when I started the Books of Unexpected Enlightenment was: What age should Rachel be? This issue turned out to be extraordinarily difficult. To this day, some readers are not happy with the solution. Here are some of the issues that went into the decision: Rachel must be young:…


The Triumph of Rachel Griffin

Before we start our post for today, I am overjoyed to announce: Rachel and the Many-Splendored Dreamland  *** Six years ago, just about this time of the year, a couple of my closest friends decided to start a new roleplaying game. I wasn't really interested. I had young kids. I felt played out. Most of the…


Guest Post: Noblebright Fantasy: An Overview

I am reposting this with the permission of C. J. Brightley, whose blog this is from. This idea seems to have much in common with Superversiveness.  Noblebright Fantasy: An Overview   16 Aug, 2016       Light in the Darkness: A Noblebright Fantasy Boxed Set (link goes to Amazon) Several years ago I was fortunate enough…


The Wright Stuff!

We now have a shop at Zazzle. There are collections there with items from the Books of Unexpected Enlightenment, the Prospero's Children (Daughter) series, Tales of Moth and Cobweb, and the general writings of John C. Wright. At the suggestion of teen author and superfan April Freeman, the shop is called:   The Wright Stuff   Want…


Live Chat Now!

Come listen to us discuss World Con and the Dragon Awards. On this Superversive Round table we have Dave Truesdale, ejected from World Con for upsetting snow flakes and Dragon Award winnders John C. Wright, Nick Cole and Brian Niemeier as well as the usual group. We will be chatting about the Hugos and the…


The Bifrost Between Calico and Gingham

I have been asked what the Puppies—Sad and Rabid alike—are objecting to? If they are not racist or homophobes—ie, if it is not the author's identity that they object to—why do they think that so many of the stories that have been winning the Hugo and the Nebula are receiving their awards for the wrong reasons?…