John C. Wright on Brainstorm!

Want to hear John talk? Curious what an Evil Legion of Evil Author sounds like?   Register for Brainstorm with John C. Wright on Jul 16, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT at: This is an Open Brainstorm session with 5x Hugo nominee John C. Wright After registering, you will receive a…


An interesting article on how to generate story ideas

Thought this was a rather interesting subject:   7 Ways to To Turn Sci-Fi Ideas Into Stories by Emerson Fortier Science fiction writers are constantly dreaming up new ideas, but not always ideas for great new stories. More often its some gadget or tool, or engine, or spacecraft design that pops into our heads one…


I Am Not A Robot! I Am A Hundred Free Fans!

As of the first photo below, we have reached 100! (This is counting people, not photos or lists, as a few folks sent multiples.) Page One: The first 56.     Page Two: 57 to 99.   Kathy in Texas asks that the following be posted with her photo:  "A sampling of Tor titles (with some St.…


I Am Not A Robot! I Am A Free Fan, Too!

Continuing the photos of Tor Books found on Page One. More photos to be found on Page Three. Again–giving Tor readers a chance to demonstrate that they are real people…and that they are, in fact, Tor readers.   Carl from Boston, MA:   Trent from Seattle, WA:   Extreme-radical-extra-chromosome-baby-seal-clubbing-throw-grandma-off-the-cliff-after-feeding-her-dog-food-bible-totin-gun-clinging-vast-right-wing-conspiring-against-BossieTheMAO-fly-over-country-racist-bigot-homophobe-half-breed-VoxDaySympathizing-neoNazi (although I still don't see how they…

not a robot!

I Am Not A Robot! I Am A Free Fan!

Again, I am collecting these photos not to shame Tor, but to help readers let Tor know that they are real people. I will add to this as photos come in.     Tor books owned by fans who feel that Tor has offended or betrayed them. Shown here to help let Tor know that…


Tor and the Puppies: I Am Not A Number!

The last week or so has been very painful. On one hand, I have tremendous sympathy for the many good folks at Tor, some of whom I have known for 30 years. On the other hand, I also have tremendous sympathy for the fans—a few of whom are veterans who fought actual Nazis—who feel they…


Signal Boost: Nethereal by Brian Neimeier

New Space Opera with Pirates!!! I am particularly delighted to announce this book, because I got to help edit it at an earlier stage. Nethereal on Amazon You can read more here.   A woman like no other who longs for acceptance. A precision killer inspired by the dream of his captain. The last member…

Awake in the Night Lands eBook Cover 4 a

Superversive Blog: Guest Post by a Ghost

I am reposting this essay because I love it so much. It was written by Andy Robertson, the man for whom John wrote his Night Land stories.  Mr. Robertson ran a website dedicated to William Hope Hodgeson's book, The Night Land. Back when all the other magazines were paying 2 and 5 cent a word.…