Part Two: Seeing With Eyes Unclouded With Hate

Here is the promised conclusion to: The Ones Who Walk Away From Washington. At the end of part one, you may recall, I decided to withdraw from politics, to no longer throw my weight with one side, argue the issues, etc.   Once I did this, a funny thing happened… Some (or all) of you…


The Ones Who Walk Away From Washington Reboot

It came to me to repost my Seeing With Eyes Unclouded By Hate posts. Here is part one…just as I wrote it some years ago: The rainbow leading to the crock of gold…or something…in the Capital Building Photo by Cat Mihos   In my youth, I was a Liberal of the fiercest sort. I never…


But It’s Really Red and Shiny!

A line from a recent news article: "The Harvard Extension club has continuously urged critics to widen their understanding of satanic worship." I will leave you, dear reader, to work out the logic of this… BUT, while you are contemplating this, I guaranty that you will have an easier time widening your understanding if you just…