We Have TA (Travel Approval)

We just got word last night. We’re heading for China October 7th.

There’s our schedule, roughly:

Day 1 – depart the US (usually from Chicago)
Day 2 – arrive in Beijing in the afternoon
Day 3 – sightsee in Beijing (day allowed for adjusting to time change and culture shock!)
Day 4 – travel to provincial capital city and meet child (Child remains with family from that point on.)
Day 5 – register adoption and apply for child’s passport
Day 6 – 10 – sightseeing, bonding with child (waiting for child’s passport to be ready)
Day 11 – travel to Guangzhou, city where US consulate is located. (Child has medical examination in preparation for visa appointment.)
Day 12 – visa appointment at US consulate
Day 13 – visa is available at end of business day
Day 14 – travel home (via Hong Kong)

The last day will be October 23rd, the day after John’s birthday!

What joy!


18 thoughts on “We Have TA (Travel Approval)

  1. You have all my best wishes and prayers! My daughter is adopted, too. It’s amazing how your heart can just explode with love when you take someone into your life like that.

    Safe trip and much success!

    • Re: China

      It does, alas. (In fact, I just sent a note to Colleen asking whom I should notify. I guess that might be you?)

      I’m rather bummed about it. There were dozens of people I was looking forward to seeing, including your cousin, whom I met on the plane back from Montreal, who was very nice…and they had told us we would not be traveling in Oct, so I thought Capclave was safe.

      But, if I have to miss it, this is a good reason!

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