4 thoughts on “Danielle’s Writing Post

  1. Yay me!

    Jagi, I wanted to PM you but I couldn’t figure out how LJ does that — me dumb — but I wanted to toot a little about having won Writers of the Future. Yay, I finally cracked the glass! If only a smidgen. Now, hopefully, I can follow that up with some additiona, bona fide pro market sales. Thanks for continuing to do your writing posts! I’ve been a regular lurker, both here and at your husband’s livejournal, for months.

    • Re: Yay me!

      Did you really?? Wow! I tried to win that contest for years and finally couldn’t apply any more because I’d sold too many things. It’s a great contest and they have great benefits that go with it (writing class, book, award ceremony. I met Gene Wolfe and Roger Zelazny at one, along with Orson Scott Card and Tim Powers.)

      Well that is great, great news and I’m really delighted for you!

      • Re: Yay me!

        Yeah, I am pretty psyched. First pro-pay sale.

        Only took me 870,000 unpublished words, 138 rejections, and 17 years of (not consistent) effort to get there!

        Hopefully, the next sale doesn’t take as long? (grin)

        My only wish, is that I had entered the contest sooner. I never entered it before 2007, and now that I have won, I can’t for the life of me figure out why I wasn’t entering before that?

        Anyway, being in the book is very exciting. And the week-long workshop will be the first of two week-long, professionally run and sponsored workshops I will be doing next year. FUN!

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